So I know my dog is not all that smart, or all that big.  Sometimes I just like to see how stupid I think. It’s really a dark thing to do.


So I popped in downstairs and as I was leaving I was handed a ball of tinfoil full of steak. I thought to myself that this piece of steak was nearly as big as her head (which is deceptively tiny, she just has a giant mane). I thought to myself as I unwrapped this piece of meat ‘I should really take the time to chop this up for her’.
I didn’t.

Then I thought ‘well she’ll probably chew it pretty well’.    She didn’t.


So there is my dog choking and I’m standing watching thinking ‘this can’t really get that serious’. After a little bit though I had images of me trying to give this stupid little dog the tiniest Heimlich maneuver you ever seen, cause the dog is definitely smaller than a baby. I would’ve had to just roll my knuckle up there. This is all assuming you can actually give a dog the Heimlich.

This is why I will never be a doctor. I am much more likely to help my choking dog with enthusiasm than a dying person. They whine and complain ‘Ouuuu poor me’. My dog just coughed that giant hunk of meat back up and went right back at it. She might not be so stupid cause she did chew it this time. If she was a boy dog I think she would’ve been doin the helicopter with excitement.

Here is her cracky eyes when I gave her the meat.