At least I like to think I haven’t fallen into that strange zone in life where people consider themselves to be dog people. When or if you ever end up in a dog park, hoping to have your dog ‘socialize’ so she’s less racist and less of a little jerk, there are many things about it that you, like me, find quite strange.

For many of the people that are there it is like a bar where you don’t have to drink and the whole thing has a strange sort of anonymity to it. You can socialize with the other dog owners, but they will ask more about your dog than anything, and refer to you as ‘Margot’s’ Dad.

I think that is weird as shit.

On that note they will also talk about their dog’s poop surprisingly often.

Like when I go to a bar I often just sit off in a corner, bring a book and try to pretend these grown adults aren’t just sitting around talking about dog shit.

I’m going to put up a couple of drawings today so I’m forced to do new ones everyday instead of sitting round on my laurels.