There are a lot of great things about having a small dog at the park with you. I am pretty sure less people would come up and want to talk to me at the park or stop and say aww if I was juggling flaming knives and babies at the same time. It is pretty great.


‘Oh, I’m sorry, did my adorable dog just come and sit with you ladies and make friends, I’ll get that little rascal out of your way.’


What could be better right? Only downside about the whole thing is that somehow I’ve ended up with a racist dog. I feel terribly guilty about the whole thing, but you can’t really sit a dog down and explain why racism is wrong. Little white kids come up and she is all ‘what’s up man wanna hang?’ but anyone else and she’s all barking and scaring the kids.


So here is a drawing of my little asshole racist dog in all her glory :

(she is a proud but stupid dog)